Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh for ...

Carlos Romero, a 31-year-old farmhand from Marion County, Florida, was recently arrested for committing a sexual act with a donkey, but when he was arrested, he told deputies that "Florida is a backward state, and people frown on zoophilia here."

Wait, are there forward-thinking, progressive states that don't frown on zoophilia? We just checked with California and Massachusetts, and they said, "Uh, no, we totally frown upon sexy time with animals, too."

LMAO @ being so brainwashed you refer to California and Massachusetts as "forward-thinking and "progressive."  What a sheep.

According to the arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun, someone walked in on Romero with the donkey on August 15. The witness walked by the room that Romero used to sleep in and noticed the lights were on. He peaked through the window and saw Romero shirtless with his pants down leaning up behind the donkey. It appeared that he was having intercourse with the animal.

Romero noticed he was being watched, so he pulled up his pants. He opened to door of the room and pushed the donkey out.

About a month later a detective contacted Romero to investigate the report. (Wait ... a month later?) Romero admitted that he had used his own hand and spit to make sure that the mini-donkey's ...uh... donkey lady parts were clear of debris, like wood shavings.

Yeah, okie dokie.  Hey, me checkum for bees.

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