Friday, December 21, 2012

LOL @ The media ... and the sheep who buy their bullshit

Here's the headline: 

Gut Check Time for Conservative Cliff Jumpers (Fiscal cliff)
From here:

Yes, because it's the conservatives forcing us all over the cliff, the "Democratics" have nothing to to with it.

You see, all the conservatives have to do is do EXACTLY as they are told and the "Democratics" will take care of everything.  If they don't do as they're told then we're going over the fiscal cliff and it's all the fault of conservatives ... got that?

I love the media ... "conservative cliff jumpers."

So funny, because ... what is the fiscal cliff?

Answer: Simple, it's just that the tax rates will go back to what they were before the Bush tax cuts, that's it.  Big deal.

Sure it would crush the economy but let me tell you, the economy is already crushed ... the tax increase will just make a very painful time even more painful ... and STILL half the voters won't put two and two together.  So, bottom line, to me, it makes no difference at all ... we're ALL going to spend the next 4-6 years in the toilet.

If only there were some way of making the idiots who INSIST on the "government doing something" pay for their own stupidity instead of dragging me along with them.  Then, I wouldn't care WHAT they do.  But that's not how it is, now is it.  No.

And that's the thing with libiots ... they MUST involve other people in their idiocy ... otherwise, no fun, right? 

Anyway, take heart people.  It's going to get worse ... MUCH worse, before it gets better.  The only problem is, for the next 4-6 years we're going to hear how it's all the fault of conservatives.

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