Friday, December 21, 2012

Is is called the "Bill of Rights" or "The Bill of Needs?"

New York governor Andrew Cuomo says the state of New York is serious about gun confiscation. The Democrat and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development told an Albany radio station he plans to propose a package of draconian legislation during his Sate of the State address next month.

“I don’t think legitimate sportsmen are going to say, ‘I need an assault weapon to go hunting,’” Cuomo said, according to the New York Times. “There is a balance here — I understand the rights of gun owners; I understand the rights of hunters.” More here:

Yes, because the founding father put the right to keep and bear arms in the constitution to protect the "rights of hunters" ... idiot.

Hey, Coumo, the second amendment is there to protect the right of the people to defend themselves against tyrants like you and the rest of your libiot buddies.

I cannot believe the sheep American people allow these jackasses to frame the debate is if the second amendment protects "hunters."  Actually, I suppose it's the media that allows it.  Have you heard one single jourrrrnalist bring this up?  No, and you won't.

I heard Joe Scarborough (one of many jourrrrnalist braying jackasses) this morning talking about "why do hunters need big clips?"

Answer:  Mostly, they don't.  But it's called the "Bill of Rights" not "The Bill of Needs." (H/T Mark Levin)

But what the hell has hunting got to do with coming for our weapons?  Tell me, is your dictionary missing the word "unalienable?"  The whole group o' ya ... buncha filthy freedom-stealing tunnel-nuggets.

I have a question, what are you libiot politicians doing letting clearly insane people freely roam and plunder the planet?

I pray to God that one day these American treasonous tyrants are brought to trial and held accountable for their actions.

Let's see, who else has tried this "gun confiscation" thing?  Anyone we might know?

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