Monday, December 10, 2012

Sorry, the Klown is calling "gay" (not that there's anything wrong with that)

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – An evangelical Christian from Tennessee has sparked controversy with a new book about his experience pretending to be a gay man for a year.

Sure.  I don't know why this doesn't occur to ALL "evangelical Christians."  Especially if they were going to write a book ... you know ... since it's soooooo interesting to them.  Most evangelical Christians I know would go ahead and fake gayness ... just for the money of course.

Timothy Kurek, from Nashville pretended to be gay for a year, according to an article on

Kurek was home schooled, and was raised going to a Christian Cub Scout troop, which taught him to be “wary of gays” according to the article.

After discovering an LGBT equal rights group in 2004, and struggling with his own friend’s coming out, he decided to be fake ‘fake gay’ in 2009. More here:

Wait, what?  After  "discovering" an LGBT equal rights group? 

LOL - yes, he  "discovered" it.

He was prolly just walking along, minding his own business, in the gay section of town, when ALL OF A SUDDEN, he sees an LGBT sign in a store window or something.  Ha ha, oh pulEEEEEEEZE.

As for his family, Kurek told CNN they are "happy to know that he his not gay." After his eye-opening experience, Kurek has left his beloved Bible Belt and moved to Portland, Oregon. As he told Barbara Walters, "It's much less conservative there."

Ha ha, yeah.  From Nashville to Portland ... as evangelical Christians and manly men often do.  We can do without all those "conservatives," right Timothy?

Hey ... "Timothy" Did you fake getting raunched in the fudgetunnel so you could write authoritatively on the subject?  Cuzzzzzzz, somethin' tells me you wrote about it ... didn'tcha ... go ahead, you can admit it.  You'll feel much better when you get it on off your chest.

LOL @ some of the comments on the

"How many fake penises did he suck?"
"The book reveals 'hey, dicks don't taste that bad after all.'"
"I think he is kidding himself when said he was pretending. It is a lot like Bill Clinton and pot. It doesn't matter if you inhale, once you put it in your mouth, game over."


WOMBAT said...

You should pretend to be straight for a year.

Onecos said...

Don't bite the dick that fucks you honey
You gotta learn to suck it funny
How those dicks taste all like rubber
Covered with goo
Some cums clear and some cums milky
Some cums thick and some cums silky
Don't bite the dick that fucks you honey
and it'll be good to you.

He's Gay....

Evil_Klown said...

OH, I thee now, Wombat tried to inthult me by calling me gay. Ouch, that hurth, it really duth.

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