Thursday, December 27, 2012

Government warns witch ... take off pointy hat, or else.

A back-in-the-day soda shop in St. Paul has been busted for selling cigarettes -- made of candy.

Lynden's, on Hamline Avenue near Cretin-Derham Hall High School, said a city inspections official came in last week and gave the shop a warning and added that a misdemeanor citation -- with a $500 fine -- would be next if the non-carcinogenic confections continue to be sold.

Thank GOD the government is here  to watch over us and hold these witches accountable.  No doubt the owner had a long bent nose with a wart too.

"We got busted [Dec. 19] by the City of St. Paul. Oops," the shop tweeted.

Candy cigarettes, bubble gum cigars and bubble gum made to look like chewing tobacco have been among a host of vintage sugary treats that Lynden's has kept in stock since it opened in April.

"We had no idea," Tobi Lynden said Wednesday, lamenting that she can no longer sell the white candy sticks with the red tips, her best-selling candy. "We don't want to get on the bad side of St. Paul."

Had no idea .. lmao.  Where you been lady, living under a rock?  Everybody knows that even PRETENDING to smoke signifies the fact that you are, at a minimum,  UNCOUTH, and probably a full blown witch.

Lynden said nearly all of the candy cigarette purchases were made by adults.

Adults, yes.  Exploiting the fact they are "free people" ... really out there on the edge of danger.

" 'Oh, I had these when I was little,' " she said she would often hear. "We weren't trying to promote smoking or tobacco use of any kind."

And just what would prompt a bureaucrat to ferret out such nefarious activity?

"Somebody from Bloomington called and reported us," Lynden said. "The whole thing is pretty weird."

Yes, well, I'll bet the skid-mark lib whistle-blower is a strict law-abiding citizen who never breaks the law at all.  You know, except for smoking marijuana or something small like that ... but they would NEVER even DREAM of violating serious moral laws such as eating a candy cigarette. Do I have that about right?

They say that candy cigarettes make people want to smoke real cigarettes.  I think this comment just about sums it up.

"I just got through a bag of gummy bears," one person wrote. " Now I can't stop thinking about where to find a REAL bear to eat!" More here:

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