Friday, November 2, 2012

What do the religious "clerics" say about hurricane Sandy?

Ever notice that idiotic religious fanatics are always falling over each other to explain why the latest "big event" is what they've always been warning you about?

The Muslim clerics: Sandy is God's way of punishing America

The Global Warming clerics: Sandy is Global Warming's way of punishing America

Hey ... clerics ... pound sand.

Oh, if only it were true that incorrect, morally superior, public declarations were painful.
I think if God/Allah were to decide to "punish" something while we were on earth, the FIRST thing he'd punish is this kind of jackass behavior.  I know this because, if'n I were God, you peeps would be in deep kimchee ... you got me?

Oh ... I'm getting excited just THINKING about the wrath I would bring upon you.

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