Thursday, November 15, 2012

The media will be letting you know what to think ... about the juice

The poor, poor, "Palestinians," getting their injured to the hospital.  I guess they couldn't find any pics of the dead Jews.

Guess what, Israel is fighting with the terrorists in Gaza. Yes, the Hamas terrorists have been firing rockets into Israel for weeks, did you know that?  Answer: Probably not.

Anyway, Israel decided to take out one of the leaders.  And what is the headline on this "news?"

Gaza returns deadly rocket fire on Israel 

Yes, the terrorists are "returning fire." LMAO. Here's another one I like. Never mind that the rockets that Hamas have been firing have killed plenty of Israelis ... they were only "killed"  (not assassinated or anything.)

But what does the media/headline say when Israel strikes back?

Hamas leader assassinated

Ok, so you know what to think now, right? Good, because obviously, certain facts are not relevant ... you don't need to know them.

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