Friday, November 23, 2012

Area man corrects behavior of jackass bully

Black Friday got off to a rowdy start at a San Antonio mall where police say one shopper pulled a gun on another who punched him in the face while they were waiting in line at a Sears store.

Police Sgt. Rob Carey tells the San Antonio Express-News a man rushed into the store when it opened Thursday night to get to the front of a line, started arguing with people and tried cutting in front of them.

One man who got punched pulled a gun and that scattered shoppers, including the impatient line-cutter who took cover behind a refrigerator. Then he fled.

Carey says the man with the gun had a permit to carry the weapon and isn't being charged with a crime. From here:

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WOMBAT said...

That right there is why Libs hate the 2nd Amendment. It allows peaceful people to remain peaceful in the face of the entitled and the bullies.

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