Saturday, October 20, 2012

Crazy-ass, eccentric ziilionaire opens mouth -- zany truth escapes from lips

AFP - Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was in hot water on Friday after calling French President Francois Hollande an "idiot" over his plans to impose huge taxes on the rich.

Hollande's former companion and a one-time presidential contender Segolene Royal led the charge, saying the Paris-based German designer must apologise immediately.

That's right, you must apologize for disagreeing with the idiot-libs.  And if he does apologize, everyone will forgive him because, hey ... he just "misspoke."

"There is no place for insults, especially from a designer who benefits from the image and prestige of France," Royal said on RTL radio.

LMAO -- the image and prestige of France ... you MUST be kidding me ... more like the "hubris and pretension of France."  

But please, I guess we can all agree that French condescension is among the world's best ... and has even become an endearing quality of the French ... "Look honey, the little French guy just talked down to me, isn't he cute ... I hope you got that on video?"

"When one is working in the French luxury sector, one enjoys the collective backing of the entire nation and these insults are absolutely misplaced," she said.

"I hope he will apologise."

Again, the libs are fixated on apology the world over.  Just watch the idiots in the mainstream media ... always calling for an apology every time their pantyhose slips a bit ... yes, and that's just the men.

Lagerfeld in an interview to the Spanish edition of Marie-Claire called Hollande -- who famously said he does not like the rich -- an idiot for imposing a 75 percent tax on incomes exceeding one million euros ($1.3 million) annually.

"This idiot will be as disastrous as Zapatero," Lagerfeld said, referring to Spanish former prime minister Jose 
Luis Rodriguez Zapatero whose term witnessed the country's economic bust.

And BOOM, a perfect time for an actual jourrrrrnalist to record his prediction and come back to follow it up later ... but will that happen?  Sure it will.

"Hollande hates the rich. That is disastrous. He wants to punish them and obviously they will flee and no one will invest."

Wow, he really has to have keen insight in order to reach that conclusion, it's hidden from most people.  Note that he uses the word "obvious" there.  Obvious to whom?  It's not obvious to the mastermind liberals, now is it?  It must only be obvious to eccentric old zillionaires who won't shut up.

Lagerfeld, the quirky creative director of French fashion house Chanel, also took a swipe at French products, saying they were not marketable.

"Apart from fashion, jewellery, perfumes and wine France is not competitive," he said.


"The other products do not sell. Who buys French cars? Not me," he added.

LMAO, what a beating.

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