Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The ACLU - so good for America

CRANSTON, R.I. -- In a move that has taken some parents by surprise, the school department has announced that it is banning traditional "father-daughter" and "mother-son" activities, saying they violate state law.

Supt. Judith Lundsten said the move was triggered by a letter from the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of a single mom who had complained that her daughter had not been able to attend her father-daughter dance. More here:

Oh, a poor single mom complained that her precious little genius was denied something. Well, we certainly can't have THAT, now can we.  And I guess it's all the fault of the school, right mom?  Thank goodness the ACLU has stopped this barbaric practice so your little genius won't be scarred for life.

Meanwhile, is the ACLU out trying to block crapstain lawyers from filing nuisance suits?  Are they trying to fix our legal system so lawyers can't file HUGE lawsuits and get filthy rich by stealing money from big corporations the American people?  I mean I assume the money is coming from the American people, right?  Or are we talking about free money here?

Answer?  No, the ACLU is NOT doing anything about that.

It seems to me that every now and then the ACLU actually does something good ... but most of the time it's busy with idiocy like this.  And why do they do it?  Are they selfless heroes?  Or is it the free money they get from the government after filing one of these suits?

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