Sunday, September 9, 2012

Slip & fall l"lawyers" are stealing us all blind

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A possible lawsuit is brewing over the shootings at the Aurora movie theater, and there may be many more. The suit could target the owner of the theater. 

Lawyers in New York they say Cinemark is the main entity they’re planning to go after for compensation for the victims. They’re hoping they can reach some sort of settlement right off the bat, but they’re prepared to go to court. 

“We have the experience and the contacts to hopefully end this litigation quickly,” attorney Marc Bern said. More here:

Yes, let's sue, sue, sue ... sue every deep-pocket in sight.  It's all free.  Nobody has to pay except the evil insurance companies.  I mean, after all, it's clearly the fault of the theater owner ... anyone with a half a brain can see why.

But where do the evil insurance companies get their money?  Uh, from YOU.  And how do they raise their rates?  Easy, by going to the insurance commission and showing them their losses. 

You see, insurance companies are so heavily regulated they cannot increase prices without government permission.  However. the government says it's ok for them to make a certain percentage profit ... so if they lose money one year they can just request price increases the next year and, presto, they're making money again.  

That's why they don't give a damn about losses like this ... they just pay off the nuisance suits.  Why should THEY worry?  They don't really have to compete like other companies ... same for all heavily regulated business ... like medical/hospital ... "gee, why do the prices just keep going out of sight ... yes, it's a mystery."

So every five minutes you see a commercial on tv where some lawyers are signing people up for class actions suits .. and all they're doing is stealing money right out of your wallet .. because you pay ALL the costs of a business when you buy the products/service ... otherwise, how do they stay in business?

Once they convinced the American people that it's someone else's fault if YOU slip and fall, it was only a short jump to "everything is someone's fault ... but it's NEVER your fault.  After that it was Katie-bar-the-door and it turned into open season on YOUR wallet ... only most people don't realize it ... they think the lawyers are only after the evil rich ... you know ... the people that provide jobs.

The funniest part is the lawyers get most of the money.  They throw the idiot "client" a few crumbs and them leave him/her in the dust ... wondering why the price of his lawsuits are reflected in the cost of his products ... what's the connection?  "It's not fair ... why aren't things free?" cries the idiot victim!!!

No wait ... the REAL funniest part is that these lawyers aren't even embarrassed. They don't hide their faces in public.  They steal everyone's money with abandon and they know damn well that most people will NEVER realize what's going on. 

I sure hope there isn't a lot of violence when people learn these scumbags have been stealing their money and lives.

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