Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Liberals all in uproar -- world hates America

Yeah, wait a minute, I thought the communists Democratics told us the world would love us ... if only we elected Barack Obama.  Remember that?  Did you believe it?  Did you care if the world loved us or not?  I didn't care but the liberals do care ... being loved and accepted is critical to an idiot-lib.

Sometimes these "America haters" remind me of a teenager still living at home.  It's "cool" to hate your parents.  Don't EVER let on you love your parents around "the cool crowd." You'll be out faster than Elton John on his first trip to Key West.

The only difference is, if we let on that we might love our parents, the cool crowd won't point and holler Enemy of Islam witch , and then behead us.

Anyway, we give these people tons of money and they hate our guts.  Just like the 21 year old in the basement, total ingrates.

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