Friday, September 14, 2012

Five women's bedroom faux pas that drive men nuts

Ok, I read this and started cracking up right away.

1. Getting Grossed Out - Let's face it - the human body doesn't always produce the sexiest smells, areas of hair or secretions. If you flinch at the hint of a little B.O. down there, an untrimmed bikini line or the thought of bodily fluids touching you anywhere, you could be turning your partner off, ...

Right, because don't start with the screaming when the juice is hitting your stomach ... it turns me off ... it's a FAUX PAS!!

The rest of it was lame but if you MUST have the knowledge, click here for more.

Wait a minute, I found this:

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – A recent study conducted at the University of Groningen has found that women experiencing sexual arousal are less likely to experience feelings of disgust. More here:

Heh, lucky for some of you out there, right? 

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