Thursday, September 20, 2012

And HERE'S a post for our liberal friends

Everyone knows that Romney is "for the rich."  That's right, he doesn't care about the poor.  You know how I know?  Because other people say so, that's why ... and how could THEY be wrong?  And excellent info like the following is everywhere.

See what I mean?  It doesn't take a genius to appreciate the "subtle" message in these images.  And guess what ... it's funny because it's true, right?  Those stupid Republicans/rich people, grrrrrrrr, I hate them, don't you?

Yes, Romney hates the poor ... it's perfectly logical and reasonable ... to an idiot-lib.

Hey, O-Dumbass ... we'll take the same "luck" we had in 2010. I've got three words for you communists idiot-libs ... "All your base."

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