Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Now you know what "Wet House" means

SAN FRANCISCO -- Only a few days into his new job as San Francisco's homeless czar, Bevan Dufty already has big ideas.

The former Castro District supervisor and erstwhile mayoral aspirant is pushing a plan for "wet houses," homeless shelters that don't force severely alcoholic residents to go cold turkey. Instead, drinking is permitted and monitored by staff members, who provide addiction counseling.

Wet houses share an underlying premise with needle exchange programs: If addicts are going to engage in self-destructive behavior no matter what, it's better they do it in a supervised environment, where some detrimental effects can be mitigated.

"The staff who gravitate to these types of facilities are ones who have specialties dealing with chronic alcoholism," Dufty told The Huffington Post.

Wet houses theoretically would woo hardcore alcoholics, now mostly outside the city's network of homeless services, into the system. They also would save taxpayers money. A study by the city Health Department found that San Francisco spends around $13.5 million per year caring for its top 225 chronic public inebriates.

"That means that we're spending money on emergency services, ambulances, shelters and jails, all of these ways that we're spending money that are not really productive and not having good outcomes," Dufty told CBS San Francisco. More here:

Yes, yes, I know, it doesn't make sense ... but that's because you aren't a genius liberal.  You cannot see the subtle nuance.  

No reason to fret though, a genius liberal will be along before the next bus to explain it all to you.  Oh yes, he/she will tell you what's it's 'about" and what it's "not about,"  Trust me, idiot-liberals can't go five minutes without using the phrase "it's not about _____, it's about ____."  In fairness, neither can many conservatives.

You know, I wouldn't mind a bit if a liberal applied his/her genius using their own money (or got voluntary donations.)  The trouble is, they always want to force me to give them my money in order to implement their genius.  Isn't that funny?  

In this case though, the taxpayer will SAVE money. What? You don't believe me?  Well just read the article.  That's another common thing about the idiot-libs.  They always tell you that if you don't voluntarily agree to give them money then it's going to cost you even MORE.


scot said...

When I decided it was time to get sober, I had to cough up $18,000 of my own money to St. Helena Sanatarium. Those bastards not only searched my luggage, but wouldn't let me leave the premises nor have visitors, much less a snort to even the edge. Of course, the upside is that their method worked.

WOMBAT said...

But wasn't he recently described as a "mediocre student"?

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