Friday, July 13, 2012

Must escaped chimps ALWAYS rampage?

This is not one of the chimps in question,  it's just a pic of a random rampaging chimp.

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Authorities say they had no choice but to kill one rampaging chimpanzee and tranquilize another after the primates escaped a Las Vegas-area backyard and tore through a neighborhood, pounding on cars and jumping into at least one vehicle. 

Uh, "escaped from a back yard?"

No people were hurt when the agitated animals escaped their enclosure about 10 a.m. Thursday and started running through yards and opening car doors in a community of horse pens, palm trees and tile-roofed, landscaped homes.

"No people were hurt." - that's probably because these wild animals knew that the humans had only their best interests at heart.  They would NEVER hurt a human.

Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin said the owner had proper permits to keep the animals on the property in unincorporated county territory outside Las Vegas city limits, as well as a license from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Gee, I wonder what the Dept of Agriculture and the Clark County permits office are going to do to ensure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN?  I"m not sure but I'll bet it entails spending LOTS of taxpayer money, don't you?

The Las Vegas-area chimps were on the loose for about 30 minutes with police trying to corral them before a male primate believed to weigh more than 150 pounds was shot and killed. The other chimp, a female, was shot with a tranquilizer dart but continued to roam the area for several more minutes before she was hit with a second dart.

She succumbed in neighbor Tony Paolone's 3-acre backyard. Martin said she was returned to her cage shortly after noon. More here:

Yes, "It's ok everyone, she's back in her cage, everyone is safe now."

Hey, I wonder how many "escapes" you get before you lose your license to keep these animals?  Or maybe you get unlimited escapes as long as nobody's face is chewed off.  Does the licensee have to pay for the cops and animal control peeps to come and take care of business?  I guess the intrepid jourrrrrnalist didn't think of these questions.

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