Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dipshit Bryan Ross of ABC "News" UPDATED

When John Stewart and Klown agree on something, it's newsworthy...

Yes, yes ... totally objective mainstream media dumbass jourrrrnalist goes right ahead with the speculation about the Tea Party, and why? Because he HATES THEM SOOOOO MUCH, that's why.

But then the screaming communist jackass mainstream media jourrrrrnalist had to apologize when he found out (dammit) he was wrong. 

Now, what about the ACTUAL facts? let's examine this, shall we? 

Aurora Shooter Militant Occupy Black Bloc Member? 

Private Detective Bill Warner is reporting at his site that the Aurora, CO theatre mass murderer James E. Holmes was apparently a member of the Occupy movement’s “elite” militant and violent Black Bloc unit. There is also a photo on the site showing Holmes being arrested by what appear to be San Diego police. More here: 

How about that? I wonder if the totally objective, underwear skid-mark, Brain Ross will report that. Never mind, I don't wonder.

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scot said...

This will be headlines any month, now.

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