Friday, June 8, 2012

High school girls declare "Slutty Wednesdays"

Nearly 100 smarties at the city’s top-performing high school bared their bodies in “risque” outfits yesterday to denounce their school’s conservative dress code — which bans the exposure of shoulders, midriffs, lower backs, bras and undies.

Stuyvesant HS students held the so-called “Slutty Wednesday” protest after girls got fed up with being told throughout the year that their short skirts and sleeveless tops made them more fit for a club dance floor than for a seat at the best public school in town.

Boys in tank tops complained that the administration’s apparent emphasis on keeping the girls well-covered was not only biased, but it also maligned the guys as horny teens who can’t control themselves when they see too much skin.  Heh, yes ... MALIIIIIIIGNED ... *sniff* ... so unfair ... they're WAYYYYY off base, right boys?    Sheesh, where were the Slutty Wednesdays when I was in school?

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ragweed said...

back then they did not have any tits to show

Onecos said...

Hey ragweed, let me tell you how my education went. I was in a girl scout tent and, very real, right before my eyes were itty bitty titties. They have itty bitty nipples just the size of nickels.

Evil_Klown said...

Hey Onecos, are you talking about last week or a long time ago?

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