Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Poor kid.

This child is angry. Her mother is angry. CNN is angry. A psychologist is angry. A guy in dread-locks is angry. How come I'm not angry?

It seems to me that rather than focusing on the audacity of the "award", they should be focusing on whether or not there's any truth to it. I mean if this girl is regularly making excuses for not doing her homework, there's a real problem here. If she's not handing in her homework, that's doing more to deter a good education than any silly year-end award making light of her shortcomings as a student. Of course, I'm not of the camp which believes that when students fall short, we lower the passing grade.

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wamk said...

Well, it did happen in Tuscon, where there is no sense of humor.

I dated a girl in college (up the street in Tempe) who went on to become an English teacher at a tough school in Los Angeles. If the kid turned in shoddy work, she'd return the paper to the kid with an application from the 7-11 across the street stapled to it, suggesting if the kid didn't get their act together, that's where they would wind up.

Parents would complain, the Principal would hand the paper in question to the parent, and ask "Is this the best work your child is capable of?".

Nice to see a Principal stand up for a teacher that is trying to teach.

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