Saturday, May 19, 2012

New "study" justifies forcing witches to pay ... one way or the other

Health experts have been trying to combat obesity in America for years and have recently suggested a new way to solve the growing problem.

A new study suggests that imposing a fat tax on unhealthy food and drinks could help slim down expanding waistlines.

OH oh, a new "study."  That means some idiot arranged some nebulous, debatable information incontrovertible facts so the "result"s came out the way he wanted and he got paid by our tax money. 

Isn't it great.  The government steals your money and gives it to their friends to conduct "studies" ... and what do the studies say?  That's right, they say "here's how to get more money and obedience from your slaves ... I mean subjects ... I mean the "free people."

Notice how they never say how these "studies" are funded.  I actually have no idea where this idiot got his money but I'm betting it came out of my pocket.   And try to find the source of his "funding."  Go ahead.  I wonder why the benevolent government doesn't require this disclosure on the front of all the "studies."

According to British Medical Journal , more than 60 percent of Americans are overweight. Under the tax, a $4 cheeseburger would cost an extra 80 cents, RTV6's Stacia Matthews reported.

Oh, an extra 80 cents?  Well, I'm confident the government will make excellent use of that money and not flush it straight down the toilet like they do with most other money.  Hey, I have an idea, they can do like they do with tax money from cigarettes and run commercials every three seconds showing you how you shouldn't smoke ... right? Spending my own money to tell me not to smoke ... I love that, don't you?

Researchers said Indiana spends $3.5 billion a year on obesity-related medical costs.

"The reality is, with two-thirds of the population being overweight or obese, that's what's driving up health care costs and you can either choose to pay now, or you can pay later,” Wright said.

LOL @ "The reality is ..."  It's always a lecture with the idiot-libs.  It's either "The reaility is ..." or their new favorite "It's not about ____, it's about ____."  Shut up you idiots.

Anyway, I see, it's health care costs that are driving them to take action.  Here we go ... the government always justifies stealing "just a little bit more" of your freedom their shenanigans in one of three ways: health, safety, or the environment.  Meanwhile, I'm guessing Indiana loses more than 3.5 billion a year in illegal alien costs  and welfare fraud but are they all gung-ho writing laws to stop that?  Answer: No.

Critics of the tax said people who choose to eat healthier foods should receive tax breaks and incentives. More at the indychannel:

Really?  Is that what their critics think?  Notice these idiot reporters always say BOTH SIDES think the government should be involved ... it's just that one side thinks "punish the witches until they do as we say" and the other side says "incentivize the witches until they do as we say."

But just remember ... it's perfectly fine to tax witches and/or shove them around so don't spend any time thinking about that.  And whichever way you decide (punish or incentivize) is fine with the media. Just as long as we get to push the witches around.

Notice they never find anyone who says "let the government stay the hell out of it."  Nope, nobody feels that way.  EVERYONE feels the government must be involved in everything we do, every day. I can't WAIT until November, can you? 


ragweed said...

The extra money will be spent wisely on better hotels and more expensive food (for our congressional reps.) on their overseas fact finding trips.

WOMBAT said...

"A new study suggests that imposing a fat tax on unhealthy food and drinks could help slim down expanding waistlines."???

The ONLY thing imposing taxes does is make bigger government! Rather than worrying about how fat people are getting, we should be doing something about how obese our own government is getting.

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