Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Obama - Just saying what he thinks

LMAO @ this hypocritical braying jackass ... aka, idiot-lib.

He refers to the Supreme Court as "an "unelected group of people."  He CLEARLY thinks they should have no say-so in whether this "duly constituted and passed law" is constitutional or not.

I mean, he wants to pass any law he likes and nobody should be able to object.

Unfortunately for dumbass Obama, the framers of our constitution saw tyrants him coming way back then. 

That's why they put limits on the power of government ... so asshats like Obama don't come along (with their strong majorities) and steal your freedom with a simple vote ... for your own good, of course.

Well, you heard him. And yet ... where is the first place an idiot-lib goes when there is a law they don't like? That's right, the courts. 

And they sue like hell to get the law overturned. 

Perhaps you'll recall the recent brouhaha in Arizona with their immigration law? How about that California marriage law? Remember those? The libs/Obama couldn't get their legal teams there fast enough. You know why? Because they were hell bent on overturning a "duly constituted and passed law," that's why.

And another thing ... at the 28-seccond mark he states the law passed with a "strong majority." And what was the "strong majority?" Shall we check the actual votes?

The house passed it 219-212 with ALL Republicans voting against (joined by 34 Democrats voting against.) That's 50.3% to 48.7%.

Does that fit YOUR understanding of "a strong majority?"

The Senate majority was higher (60-39) but again, ZERO Republicans voted for it.

Never mind that though ... it was a "strong majority" according to Obama. And he thinks a "strong majority" should rule and the court should uphold his liberty-stealing horseshit.

No question the court has upheld some idiocy in the past. Dred Scott? Fugitive slave law? Wickard vs Fulburn? I could go on and on ... but, you know, I'm talking about other "duly constituted and passed laws ... no doubt with strong majorities."  Was it right for them to uphold those laws Obama?  If not, why not?

In conclusion let me just say this ... shut up Obama, you braying jackass ... shut up and leave us alone ... how would that be? Too much to ask?

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