Friday, March 30, 2012

Woman with red mohawk shot ... mistaken for bird

Note: This isn't the woman in the story, it's just a random  red-mohawk-woman I found on the intertubes.  I posted it to give you a visual of how the mistake could have been made.

A Colorado man was sentenced to five years' probation after accidentally shooting a woman whose red mohawk he mistook for a fowl that had been harassing his cats.

Derrill Rockwell, 49, told police that he grabbed his .22-caliber rifle and set out from his home Oct. 5 to fire at the bird after spotting it at the top of a hill about 90 feet away, the Daily Sentinel reported Friday.

"His intent was to spook it away," Deputy District Attorney Jason Conley told District Judge Richard Gurley on Friday, according to the newspaper.

But after shooting at the bird, the man said he noticed it didn't fly away and he reported hearing a woman moaning in pain.

Rockwell soon discovered that he had shot a 23-year-old woman in the head, mistaking her red mohawk for the menacing bird. 

Conley reportedly told the judge that the woman may have passed out from alcohol before being shot. Police officers also found a bag of suspected methamphetamine near where she was shot.

The woman survived the shooting, but has since moved from Colorado and could not be reached by the newspaper Friday. 

Rockwell was sentenced to serve five years probation after pleading guilty to felony possession of a weapon by a prior offender, the newspaper reported. 

"In 15 years in law enforcement, this was one of the more interesting cases I’ve worked," Grand Junction Police Department detective Sean Crocker told the judge, according to the newspaper. From here:


ragweed said...

coo coo comes to mind

scot said...

You can find this one on page 37 of John Audubon's "Bird's I Have Killed so I Can Draw Them". It's called the Red Peckered Methhead.

scot said...

Sorry for the apostrophe. What a fucking idiot I am.

WOMBAT said...

3 hours and 35 minutes to notice your mistake... not bad.

scot said...

like i said: i'm an idiot.

WOMBAT said...

Well, you're not a Lib. We know this not only from past experience but also due to the fact that you can recognize idiocy even when it's you who is the idiot. Libs can only notice idiocy when they see other people disagreeing with their ideology.

Evil_Klown said...

LOL, Wombat -- so you fix your typo and then delete the comment that pointed out your typo?

Gee, if only Scot had the ability to do so.

ragweed said...

thats some funny shit scot and I am still laughing

WOMBAT said...

Watch out, Klown, or I'll sweep that comment under the carpet as well.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the old "bag of meth near the scene of the crime" trick. Clearly the cops were rednecks who didn't like this girl because she has an alternative haircut.

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