Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The smug left strikes again.

I found this proudly posted on someone's Tumblr account. It should go without saying that Tumblr is infested with Libs. This image clearly states "See? What we've been saying about Fox being biased has been right all along and here's your proof".

Unfortunately, the Left is not only unfamiliar with examples of Logical Fallacies but also with the possibility that they exist at all.

The Appeal to Common Practice is a fallacy with the following structure:
  1. X is a common action.
  2. Therefore X is correct/moral/justified/reasonable, etc.
The basic idea behind the fallacy is that the fact that most people do X is used as "evidence" to support the action or practice. It is a fallacy because the mere fact that most people do something does not make it correct, moral, justified, or reasonable. More HERE.
Also, the appeal to popularity:

Description of Appeal to Popularity

The Appeal to Popularity has the following form:
  1. Most people approve of X (have favorable emotions towards X).
  2. Therefore X is true.
The basic idea is that a claim is accepted as being true simply because most people are favorably inclined towards the claim. More formally, the fact that most people have favorable emotions associated with the claim is substituted in place of actual evidence for the claim. A person falls prey to this fallacy if he accepts a claim as being true simply because most other people approve of the claim. More HERE.
There you go all you "sheep" on the Right, those on the Left "who think for themselves" have once again proved how foolish you are. FACE.


Evil_Klown said...

Heh, good one.

I wonder why they only made the graph go up to 60%. Could it be that it makes the line look even bigger in comparison? OH no, they wouldn't do that right? Wouldn't they be afraid that people would see right through it and expose their misleading tactics?

Gee, I guess not. I'd guess their target audience isn't interested in the truth, nor are they capable of finding it.

Evil_Klown said...

Also, I just noticed the graph was done by media matters ... a totally objective "non-profit" organization.

I wonder if they'd do a similar graph about the media that blamed Bush for high gas prices during his presidency. Now THAT would be an interesting juxtaposition ... unless you're a lefty of course ... then there would be no interest at all.

WOMBAT said...

It's also a distinct possibility that they simply relabeled the ratings chart.

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