Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Obama doesn't give one flaming damn what you think

(Reuters) - The Obama administration proposed on Tuesday the first ever standards to cut carbon dioxide emissions from new power plants ...

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed the long-delayed rules that limit emissions from all new U.S. power stations, which would effectively bar the building of any new coal plants. More here:

Yes, because it's not enough he's got gasoline up to $4 per gallon, nooooo.  Must keep blocking drilling, refining, and transportation ... and when we can't block it altogether, we'll put onerous regulations on them.  We'll make the energy companies pay so much to comply with the rules that it makes the production of their energy unprofitable ... ha ha ha ... THAT will teach them.

But, does Obama realize this will make energy costs go up ... and by extension ALL costs go up?  Let's see what he says in his own words, shall we?  Yes, I think we shall.

Well, you have to hand it to him. He told us what he was going to do and he's doing it. Never mind he hasn't got a chance in hell at being reelected, this is his (and the "Democratics') one shot and he's taking it ... full speed ahead and the hell with your wallet.

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