Thursday, March 29, 2012

I love it when drug makers get my hopes up

MELBOURNE, Australia - Taking sick days is set to get tougher -- there may be a cure for the common cold.
Australian drug maker Biota Wednesday reported the stunning success of its antiviral compound, named Vapendavir.

Tested in 300 asthmatic patients infected with the cold-causing human rhinovirus, the clinical trial showed that cold symptoms eased quickly and the duration of the infection was shortened considerably.

Patients given a placebo experienced the worst cold symptoms at 2.5 days, whereas those dosed with Vapendavir began rapid recovery after just 1.7 days. More here:

Well, so you get a "0.8 day" advantage?  Hmmmmm.  Or, once you start getting better then you're cured?  And don't have to suffer the week-long recovery of a normal cold?

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