Friday, December 23, 2011

Klown prediction ... Ladies and Gentlemen, "We got 'im"

December 21, 2011: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office immigration jail officers who lost their federal power to check whether inmates are in the county illegally, turn in their credentials after federal officials pulled the Sheriff's office immigration enforcement powers in Phoenix.

Dozens of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jail officers lined up at a news conference in Phoenix Wednesday to ceremoniously hand in their federal credentials a week after they were stripped of the ability to verify the immigration status of inmates.

The Department of Homeland Security announced Dec. 15 that more than 90 of Arpaio's Maricopa County jail officers could no longer check whether inmates were in the county illegally. 

The decision followed the release of a scathing Department of Justice report that said Arpaio's office has a pattern of racially profiling Latinos, basing immigration enforcement on racially charged citizen complaints and punishing Hispanic jail inmates for speaking Spanish. 

Aren't you proud? I mean, after all, we can't be letting some elected sheriff run around enforcing the law now can we?  Of course not, that would be illogical.  That's what I love about idiot-libs ... always so reasoned and logical.

Homeland Security's decision wasn't the first time Arpaio's federal immigration powers were cut.

In October 2009, Immigration and Customs Enforcement stripped Arpaio of his power to let 100 deputies make federal immigration arrests, but still allowed his jail officers to determine the immigration status of people in jail.
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Whew.  We stopped this just in time.  I don't know who this sheriff thinks he is ... trying to determine whether shit-stain criminals are in the country legally or not.  How DARE HE?  He's really pushing his power around, don't you think?

So, what's the call ... is there such a thing as an illegal alien anymore?  I know one thing, the media never mentions it ... isn't that funny?

And finally, I predict the idiot-libs are going to get Sheriff Joe.  Either they'll make him resign and leave him alone or they're going to jail him after their media has successfully dressed him up as a witch and presented him to the American people as such.  And the witch-dressing has already begun (and Sheriff Joe knows it.)

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ragweed said...

its one more nail in our coffin but I will always keep my nail puller. This guy has to be booted out of office or it is going to just get worse.

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