Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This is hysterical all the way thru

Absolutely classic ... Great job here by Samantha Bee. This means I have to give her a free run at conservatives without whining about how biased she is. Wombat pointed out that nobody she was talking to "got it" because, if they were capable of getting it, they wouldn't be there in the first place. LMAO @ "Is my nose bleeding? "

Wombat also pointed out that when she asked "does the drum circle know we're here?" They all pretended not to hear her ... Wombat surmised they were all waiting for signs of approval/disapproval from the group before acting ... and this behavior (seeking approval and acceptance of the group) is one of the hallmarks of idiot libs. 

And  I'll just add my two cents.  Why do libs seek approval of the group?
I think two of the reasons are:
1 - They have a very weird need to be accepted ... to be in (what they perceive as) the "cool crowd."
2 - They aren't confident they know the difference between right and wrong so they're willing  to substitute their own judgement with the judgement of the group ... i.e. to be "right" by consensus.

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ragweed said...

Well the middle class was not present because they were actually working

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