Monday, November 21, 2011

The psychology of protesters.

Sultan Knish has stated this well...

The Occupiers don't know how lucky they are, because despite all their degrees they have forgotten how revolutions, real revolutions, end. They end when the people holding up the ridiculous signs, the petty criminals and the mentally unstable, whom no one took seriously, become the secret police for one of those charming outsiders who wandered in and now owns the place. The fellow with the dark eyes who excels at taking control of meetings and driving out people who don't agree with him. Who despite his poor literacy speaks so magnetically that it seems impossible to believe that's he's a lunatic who dreams nightly or killing everyone who ever offended him.

Read the whole post HERE. No really, read the whole post.


Evil_Klown said...

Anarchy always ends with tyranny.

Evil_Klown said...

And, I want to add ... I've added the Sultan Knish site to my bookmarks so I can regularly read him. I really like his style of writing.

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