Saturday, November 19, 2011

An occupier who makes sense.

Again from Twitter, I came across this blogger's post:

That the occupy movements lack definition is a feature, not a bug. Because occupy has no centralized leader or mission, everyone is allowed to project their own meaning onto it. I’ve seen occupy as a manifestation of anxiety over the influence of organizations in our lives. I believe it’s the same anxiety felt by people who identify with the Tea Party (which I found repulsive, probably based on my own classism).
I think he has a point here and I hope more Occupiers follow his lead. The Tea Party and OWS have a lot in common even if they have very divergent methodologies for making their point. I've been saying all along that Big Government is every bit as bad as Big Corporations are. The fact that the two are so closely intertwined should be alarming to anyone paying attention. This message is unfortunately being squandered by the anarchy and disorder all too obvious in OWS.

Take a look at this guy's blog though and read for yourself. Sure, he's leaning to the Left but enough of what he says makes enough sense to make it a worthwhile read.

Fully article HERE.


John Thomas said...

I completely disagree. There is virtually no common ground between the TEA Party and these dregs of society. The TEA Party's "Platform" envelopes the entire graph above. The TEA Party types (not politicians trying to capitalize on it) could sum up their beliefs with: "Less government, no hand-outs, more accountability equals more freedom and opportunity". The Occu-tards aren't angry that "Corporations have too much power", they're angry that they don't get cradle to grave entitlements (free stuff on the backs of the producing class) or 100K a year to do whatever job they "Choose to take" from these corporations. They want (and openly call for) a Communist style state that will magically take everything away from people they don't like and give it to them. It's simply a lust for "Revenge". They're so stupid that they believe under Communist control, they'll be "Free" and "Equal". Their "Education" has failed them. They are complete, useful idiots. They are America's lost and worthless generation. They are mostly filthy, face-tattooed, stoned, mis-educated white trash that has never had to actually struggle for anything in their life. They grew up thinking that they could look and act anyway they want and simply cry and stamp their feet if they didn't get it. It worked with Mommy, Daddy and school teacher, why won't it work outside of the school and home? Everything has been provided to them, but it's just not enough, they want your stuff too.

WOMBAT said...

*They are complete, useless idiots.

Your points are all valid and the fact that the consensus among the cogs seems to agree with you, I'm not going to argue your point. I don't want to be like the Libs with their anti-Tea Party sentiments which they stuck so vehemently to without understanding the Tea Party at all.

You aren't like them. You actually understand OWS.

My point though is that unlike the black and white world that the Libs try to jam down out throats, I don't believe that OWS is all bad.

Evil_Klown said...

Big companies LOVE government interference in their business. Their lawyers/lobbyists write most of the legislation congress passes to "regulate" them.

Meanwhile, if you're just trying to start a small business to compete with them, the "legislation" is a barrier to entry because the small guy can't afford it. All in the name of "safety" of course.

And since the small guy can't get started, the big guys can keep their prices UP and their wages DOWN. That's right, don't forget, the small guy would have to compete for labor too. In other words, "there's a job that won't get created." Hey, but don't worry -- don't you feel safer?

John Thomas said...

"Their lawyers/lobbyists write most of the legislation congress passes to "regulate" them."

It's infuriating that the vast majority of Americans don't understand this. The politicians didn't write (let alone, read) the 2000 page "Health Care" bill, it was handed to them by special interest groups. Hell, they still don't know what they spent 700+ billion in "Stimulus" on. I don't know how we're going to unf*ck this corrupt system. We have to vote in a wave of politicians that will vote directly against their own financial and personal interests... Or tar and feather enough of the ones that are there, that the others will be scared sh*tless to continue the corrupt ways. I don't see either one of these happening. Ever.

Evil_Klown said...

Yes, I think the founding fathers recognized this as well. Their answer? "Very small/limited government."

At least this limits their propensity for mischief and enriching their donors while leaving as much of your liberty intact as possible.

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