Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is there a problem, officer? Is this sort of thing frowned upon?

Paul LaDuke, 75, is charged with masturbating in class while teaching at Schaumburg Christian School on Nov. 11, 2011. (Credit: Schaumburg Police)

On Friday, a student at Schaumburg Christian School, located at 200 N. Roselle Rd., reported to another teacher that LaDuke appeared to be masturbating while seated at his podium during class.

Investigators determined that, while seated at a podium in class on Friday, LaDuke unzipped and lowered his pants and masturbated while students were present in the classroom.  More here:

What's the world coming to when a teacher canna  pound his pud behind the podium anymore.  Also ... who "sits behind a podium?"  I thought you called that a desk.  Anyway, good thing it wasn't a Christian schoo ... D'OH!!

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ragweed said...

maybe he was just trying to explain the Peter principle

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