Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I wasn't even close on this one

A ladder is leaning against a tree. On the center rung is a pussycat. She must be a very determined pussycat, because she remains on that rung as we draw the foot of the ladder away from the tree until the ladder is lying flat on the ground. What path does the pussycat describe as she undergoes this indignity?
I found this at the Futility Closet ... click on over for the answer:
Note: Once there you have to click where it says "Click for answer" (lower right.)


ragweed said...

gees thanks

Anonymous said...

The answer given is wrong. The cat will follow a straight line at 45 degrees to the tree or the ground. Plot it out.

Evil_Klown said...

A straight line at 45 degrees? Well, I find this difficult to believe.

I imagine the top of the ladder very close to the ground and start moving the bottom of the ladder away from the tree. The distance the cat will move from the tree at the end will be incrementally smaller than at the beginning.

I don't find it necessary to "plot it out." However, if you are convinced you are right then YOU could "plot it out" and send it to Wombat by clicking "Email Wombat" in the right column of the blog.

If you prove it wrong and explain it in an interesting way then it might actually make the blog as a post.

Otherwise, speaking for myself, I'm going to have to stick with the existing answer ... but thanks for helpin'.

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