Tuesday, November 15, 2011

That's right, teach those greedy corporations a lesson they won't forget

As more retailers try to turn Thanksgiving Thursday into Black Friday — some employees are fighting back. 

More than 80,000 people signed an online petition on change.org asking retail giant Target to reverse its decision to open its doors on Thanksgiving Day — and allow workers to spend the holiday with family and friends. 

There are hundreds of comments on the petition supporting retail workers’ rights to Thanksgiving Day off, including this one from Caroline Hemenway: “This is absurd! Corporations are treating their workforce like serfs and fomenting a toxic consumer culture. Pure, unadulterated greed.” More here:

Heh, well ... I support workers getting together, voluntarily (in a constructive manner) to affect company policies; however,  I do not agree with Ms Hemenway's sentiments.

Hey, Ms Hemenway ... Target offered you a job.  Do you know what a "job" is, Ms Hemenway, because, I don't think you do. Allow me to explain.  A "job" is work that a business wants performed. The business offers a wage in return for the work.  In other words, you do the work they have and they pay you.  Sometimes, as a result of changing conditions, the job requirements change ... and if you hate it that much you are free to quit.

It's not up to you to decide when the work gets done, it's up to the company.  Why?  Because the company is taking all the risks ... they own the "job" ... end of story.  If it screws up, there is no profit.  If there is no profit, there is no "job."  Capisce?

And why is the company "greedy" but you are not "greedy?"  Sounds to me like you want to call the shots, take none of the risks, and get paid to boot.  Sounds like you think the company OWES it to you to allow you to do the "job" at your leisure.  Sounds like pure, unadulterated greed to me.

My guess is you're one of those pieces of crap negative co-workers who is constantly running the company down (behind their back) while accepting their wages and benefits.

If you work on a holiday, do you get paid extra or do you turn down the extra money ... you know ... because, after all, you aren't "greedy" are you, Ms Hemenway?  Do you accept the company match on your 401K?

I sincerely hope some good comes of this for you, Ms Hemenway.  I hope a competent manager sees your comments and figures out a way to fire your ungrateful ass extract you from the "toxic consumer culture" you so despise.  I would see this as a critical part of his/her job ... as part of his/her commitment and responsibility to your co-workers.

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