Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Left and Inequality explained.

For Hitler, first Jews and ultimately Slavs and other "non-Aryans" were declared the enemy and unworthy of life. For the Communists, the rich -- the bourgeoisie, land owners, and capitalists -- were labeled the enemy and regarded as unworthy of life.

The reason for this embrace is that class hatred is as fundamental to the left as the Trinity is to Christians, and the left dominates the media and education. This is dangerous because there is an ideological continuum from the democratic left to the Communist left. Making the rich into scapegoats for society's ills unites the left.

Being on the left means that you divide the world between rich and poor much more than you divide it between good and evil. For the leftist, the existence of rich and poor -- (SET ITAL) inequality (END ITAL) -- is what constitutes evil. More than tyranny, inequality disturbs the left, including the non-Communist left.
The entire article is HERE and well worth the read.

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