Saturday, October 29, 2011

The impeccable logic of the genius liberal

Ever notice that everything is about "race" with the genius libs? 

That's right. Conservatives don't like Obama ... know why? Cuz he's black, that's why, and, as every idiot-lib knows, conservatives are racists.

However, and pay close attention here ... because you're going to need to be able to understand complexity

Ok ... Ready? Conservatives actually like Herman Cain (a black man) because conservatives are racists. Get the lib-logic? I knew you would ... you're a genius.


WOMBAT said...

And the comment at the end from the male voice out of camera view, "thank you for spelling that out." I sure hope he was being facetious.

WOMBAT said...

Also, she says "but that's how it sure seems to me". Of course that would never occur to me- a male, white, conservative- but that must only mean that it's because I'm so racist that racist ideas don't enter my mind. Only those who are NOT racist entertain racist ideas.

ragweed said...

Well I feel better about myself knowing the reason I may vote for this guy

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