Thursday, September 15, 2011

What you said? Libs squandering the loot?

Cameron J. Potter pleaded guilty Tuesday before U.S. District Judge Thomas Phillips to bilking the Department of Energy of more than $400,000 intended for legitimate use by the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy to promote renewable energy sources, typically dubbed “green energy.”

Potter, 31, was employed as the chief financial officer for SACE when, in 2006, he concocted a scheme to siphon off money awarded the advocacy group by the DOE for his own personal gain, Assistant U.S. Attorney Frank Dale told Phillips.
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Evil_Klown said...

Big deal. "Green" energy is a scam all around. It's just government's way of funneling tax money to their buddies ... after the big cheeses get paid then the companies declare bankruptcy because "woops, didn't work."

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