Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh, and BTW, F you, America.

As you may have heard, Josh and Shane were released from Iran after having somehow and mysteriously crossed the border while hiking in nearby Iraq. I don't understand the draw of choosing Iraq as a vacation destination but there is much I don't understand. I suspect that they considered themselves "adventurers" and were dying to get back and impress their friends at cocktail parties by saying "oh, you haven't been? You simply MUST go..." as if Iraq? Dangerous? Nah... not if you know what you're doingaaaaaaa. You know Libs- they're always so above it all. Floating in the ether looking down on their intellectual lessers.

Well, they deplaned and gave a short speech on the tarmac. Shane Bauer said, "Two years in prison is too long and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in American and Iran." America? Libs... they never ever pass up an opportunity to bash America. America can do no right and every barbaric, hostile, extremist, fundamentalist entity outside the U.S. can do no wrong for these people. I don't know about you, but I find it to be... tiresome.

Oops. Not THIS kind of qaboos.

Also. Anybody notice the headline? "Hikers Leave Iran for Good"? What about the $1mm bail posted by Sultan Qaboos of Oman for their release? Was that just an "expression"? See for the likes of you and me, "bail" means you get released and promise to come back or you don't get your money back and they put out a warrant on you. For Libs, I guess, it means a fee that you pay to do as you please. Reminds me of some authors who take an advance to write a book but then don't actually write the book and then threaten to sue the publisher for publishing it anyway. I don't expect any further discussion of that in the mainstream media though.
Sources WNBC TV and Newser.

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Evil_Klown said...

What about the $1mm bail posted by Sultan Qaboos of Oman for their release?

Yes, what about that? Did the sultan post that just to be nice? We'll never have to pay that back, right? Nah, the American taxpayer won't feel a thing. Same for the half million that was posted for the girl that was with them. It's all free.

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