Thursday, September 1, 2011

Greatest TV preacher

About a hundred years ago I lived in the San Francisco bay area. In those days I stayed up late sometimes. One time, one of my friends was over and he says "Hey, turn on the TV ... I want you to see this preacher guy (Dr. Gene Scott.) So we turns it on and watches for a bit. After that we watched him on "occasion." Perhaps you can imagine under which circumstances he was most entertaining.

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scot/nitwit said...

The real guy died a few years back. I was sad to see him go because he was just a part of my youth in the sense that he was always there to watch, make fun of, or otherwise. Some things you miss when they're gone only because they so made life seem stable in their always being there. I was never keen on Elvis, but I was sad when he died. Dr. Scott's "widow" has taken over his ministries (or miniseries?). I wonder if she married him for his money? Man, she's HOT! I'd like to see her in one of your Friday pins.

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