Monday, August 22, 2011

More Brainwashing.

A screen capture from a certain Lib blog...

It's weird how it's perfectly okay to them when Obama incessantly blames Bush (even all these years later) but now that it's his baby, he STILL shouldn't be blamed? Good thing there's the Tea Party to throw under the bus.

Of course, the Tea Party is a real thorn in the side of Democrats and the Obama Administration in general simply because they're a voice of logic and reason. They're the annoying brainiac in the 1st Grade class reminding everyone that even though the teacher stepped out, she'll be back and when she returns, she's not going to be happy. They're the pest who keeps trying to put the kabosh on irresponsible , immature, childish behavior which has no regard for honesty, character, or the obvious consequences that result from such actions.

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