Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"He's like Bush only without the brains."

from newser (a super-lib news source)...

(NEWSER) – Rick Perry attracts a lot of euphemisms—lightweight, incurious, instinctual. "Gov. Goodhair" goes one nickname. "He's like Bush only without the brains," jokes another Texas Republican. So Jonathan Martin, in a lengthy profile of the Texas governor onPolitico, just comes out and asks the big question: "Is Rick Perry dumb?" And Martin's answer seems to be ... does it really matter? Perry is a "power politician" who loves competition. “If he should know about John Locke, he’ll know about John Locke,” says a longtime Perry supporter. “If it’s not on his schedule, it’s irrelevant to him.”
Politics, after all, is not an IQ test. “This is like judging [baseball star] David Ortiz as a failed athlete because he’s never scored a touchdown,” said one Texas Democrat. “He’s a focused, committed, and skilled political animal. He wins elections. Do not underestimate him.” Perry's most recent book, the spirited Fed Up, has 19 pages of sources and notes, with no co-author (although Perry did thank five people for helping to research, edit, and write). "Perry may not be a wonk, but that doesn’t mean he’s a rube—a costly mistake many of his foes have made," writes Martin.

What really bugs me about this is that they quote a republican (unnamed, undescribed... probably a RINO) as if it came from someone who not only knew about what they were speaking but also didn't have an ideological agenda. Then they go on to quote another unnamed, undescribed Texan (this time a Democrat although they make reasonable and logical sense so it must have been a typo) who actually says something sensible. 

To top it all off, their habit of proclaiming each and every Republican as an intellectual midget gets tiresome and it gets positively infuriating when they declare each and every Democrat as "one of the most intelligent people I've ever met... ever" and yet these people- our intellectual betters- systematically and smugly ruin the country when quite "coincidentally" line their pockets and the pockets of their supporters and political allies. 

Democrats remind me nothing more than the inevitable infestation of "cool people" who show up to a party after set-up, wreak havoc,  leave before clean-up, and then talk about how lame it was anyway. Meanwhile, the only people who believe they're at all cool are the ones with no sense of self and who have an overwhelming need to belong to any group wherein common sense, hard work, achievement and merit are criteria for exclusion.

From Newser.


With a little research, I found the source of the (albeit unoriginal) quote. It comes from "one former Republican Texas Governor". The source of this is the ever-biased FOX Nation website. Funny how the biased FOX keeps telling the whole store (or at least more of it) than the fair and equal left-wing MSM.

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Evil_Klown said...

I love it. I predict one of our conservative dumbasses kicks the crap out of their genius come November 2012.

Further, I predict a LOT of our dumbasses kick the crap out of their geniuses running for congress in November 2012.

You're right about the lefties thinking their cool though. It's too funny.

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