Thursday, August 25, 2011

Am I missing something?

GREENWICH, Conn. (CBS/AP) — Officials in one well-to-do Connecticut town are asking an ABC hidden-camera show to hit the road.

Greenwich officials tell the Greenwich Time that the filming of the show “What Would You Do?” is disruptive. They say they asked the film crew to choose another location for filming.

“We told them, `You can’t film here,’” Dustin Anderson, the executive assistant to First Selectman Peter Tesei, told the Time.

The show sets up morally difficult situations and secretly films people’s reactions.

Town officials say having the show set up in front of stores has a negative impact on business. Greenwich police say one of the show’s scenes caused an alarmed resident to ask a store employee to call police. More here:

Sooo, the show "sets up" in front of stores but it's a hidden camera show?  And then people enter the store and are suprised when a "morally difficult situatiion" occurs?  I must be missing something.  Surely the people of Greenwich aren't as dumb as they look.


WOMBAT said...

While you're focusing on the inevitable duplicity of both local government and MSM "journalism" combined, you're missing the bigger point here.

I've seen commercials for this show and from what I gather, they set up scenarios wherein unsuspecting bystanders witness actors behaving badly with the point being that it's "interesting" to see how they react. Personally, I can't imagine watching the show because it's Lib culture at its best.

The way I see it, we are in such a litigious society that to behave in a way that is good for society is to set yourself up for a lawsuit. A classic example of this is the earlier post about the guy who shot a Grizzly Bear in his own back yard because he felt his children were in danger. There are countless other instances of "good samaritans" getting into legal hot water for stepping up to stop a crime in progress.

We as a society have been trained to stay out of it, to mind our own business, and not to get involved. To avoid eroding my credibility, I'm not going to say who I think are responsible for this but after decades of legal oppression and threat of legal oppression, we have become well-trained.

What's so particularly sinister about this TV show though is that after smugly suffocating common sense, decency, and good character, they smugly snicker when people don't step forward and do the right thing and question their character.

Of course, once the cameras are off, these are the same people who will gleefully tell the police all the sordid details about how you violated the civil rights of that poor, underprivileged, undereducated victim of society.

So, dear klown, you might be missing something but you're also missing something bigger. Frankly, all I see is that the town of Greenwich is using ridiculous rhetoric and dubious arguments to fight fire with fire when really, all they want is to be left alone and not left to the mercy of manipulative and intentionally tricky television opportunists.

Evil_Klown said...

Thank you for your very well reasoned analysis of idiot libs ruining society.

I still don't get how peeps can be taken by surprise when a show "sets up in front of stores."

WOMBAT said...

Well, I don't think they can. I implied that this never actually happened and that the town of Greenwich was only using language that would convince Libs. This language has nothing to do with truth, logic, or common sense.

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