Sunday, July 3, 2011

Best Rock Guitar Players Ever


10: George Harrison
Listen to “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” “Nuff Said.

9: Walter Becker (Steely Dan)
He wrote songs that will stick in your head forever, and played riffs that you couldn’t play with a year’s worth of lessons.

8: “Buck Dharma” – (Blue Oyster Cult) – a pseudonym, but a very underrated guitarist. “More Cowbell” has become a joke – thanks to SNL and Will Ferrell - but this guy can play.

7: Eric Johnson
He makes a guitar sound like an orchestra – and he can sing! “Cliffs of Dover” – one of the best instrumental rock songs ever.

6: Randy Rhoads
He put Ozzy back on the map, single-handedly. Don’t fly with a private pilot.

5: Jimi Hendrix
Technically, and musically, amazing. And he wasn’t afraid to set a really nice Stratocaster on fire.

4: David Gilmour
Lyrical, almost symphonic. C’mon – he wrote “Dark Side of the Moon!”

3: Stevie Ray Vaughn
Best blues guitar player ever. End of discussion.

2: Eric Clapton
“Slow Hand?” Not hardly. He’s like a great athlete that makes it look easy, but IT’S NOT!

1: Eddie Van Halen
He invented hammer-ons (and offs), he re-introduced harmonics, he created his own tuning, and he was married to Valerie Bertinelli! And he made cool looking guitars with the tape and all (whatever happened to Charvel?) Not a tough choice.

Sorry Brad Paisley - you're awesome - but you're country.


Evil_Klown said...

Valerie ... mmmmmm.

wamk said...


Angus Young of AC/DC doesn't make the Top 10? Really?

Pete Townshend? Hello? Ever hear of The Who, and his "windmill"?

Jeff Beck, maybe?

Guy said...

IMO, only mentioning Walter Becker in Steely Dan is an injustice to the other great guitarists that helped make the Steely Dan sound - most noteably Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Denny Dias, and Larry Carlton. Some other great SD guitarists: Elliot Randall - Reelin In The Years; Dean Parks - Haitian Divorce; Jay Graydon - Peg; Rick Derringer - Show Biz Kids. It's obvious Becker & Fagen love the guitar - it's featured so prominently in their songs.

Evil_Klown said...

If you had told me their names before this post I'd have only recognized five of them.
Harrison, Hendrix, Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Van Halen.

If you had asked me to name one of their songs that would bring it down to Harrison, Hendrix and Clapton.

WOMBAT said...

The problem with this post is that there are more than ten "top ten" best rock guitar players ever.

Anonymous said...

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" is Eric Clapton.

WOMBAT said...

Well thank you for piping in, anonymous, but "While My Guitar Weeps" was written by George Harrison an first performed by the Beatles and was part of their so-called "White Album" which featured Mr. Clapton on lead guitar so maybe that's what you meant. Nevertheless, thanks (as always) for helpin'.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize this was your post, Wombat. Had I known I surely would have dumbed down the comment. How was the soup?

WOMBAT said...

It's not my post but I saw to it that ant pedantry would be swiftly squelched.

The soup was surprisingly varied from one outfit to the next and I quickly realized thatch thinner it was, the more likely it was to be flavorful and fresh.

Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed that I feel the need to explain this... (for you, that is.) Here goes: The category is top 10 guitar players (which referenced the 'play' of guitar in a specific song as evidence of skill) which I merely pointed out was not his (Harrison's) playing.
Since they tell me you're not as dumb as you look, I can only assume you were taking the opportunity to let 'your' world know that you have some knowledge on the subject (after a lengthy Wiki search, no doubt.)

Anonymous said...

You list every detail of the song and I'm the pedantic one? You're an idiot.

WOMBAT said...

There's a difference between being pedantic and being informative. One day, you might understand this.

WOMBAT said...

One thing's for sure. You people just can't stand it when you're made to look ignorant... Even when all it takes is a five second Google search to do it. Of course I originally stated , "so that's probably what you meant" because you people are awfully good and falling incessantly back on "you know what I meant" after misspeaking, misstating, misquoting, or fucking up in general. I thought I was giving you a "bye" there. I am the most under-appreciated man in the world.

Anonymous said...

OMG, move over everybody, rock guitar player GW Williams newly released May 5,2011 song - CALIFORNIA ROCK N BLUES, could be one of the greatest rock guitar songs ever, maybe even the best of all time.

And his song , Salsa Blues In Monterey blazing hot.

So's I Hate to tell you dude, ya might haves to change ya list !!
And I should say Stevie Ray Vaughan should never be behind Van Halen, and neither should Eric Clapton

Evil_Klown said...

K, that was close to spam but I published it anyway since he took the time to read the post and write his comment with no links.

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