Saturday, May 7, 2011

Colombian Student Asphyxiates To Death In Performance

Colombian Student Asphyxiates To Death In Performance: "

Art turned fatal for John Jairo Villamil, a thought provoking 25-year-old Colombian university student, who asphyxiated himself amidst a performance. For his act, Villamil covered his head with a garbage bag and placed his feet inside a bucket of water. His actions served as a personal critique of his hometown of Bogotá, Colombia which has been considered one of the most violent cities in the world. Since he had previously executed this piece without incident, many thought the heavy breathing and convulsion were part of the act. Villamil died at an ICU five days after being pronounced brain dead immediately following the incident. His mother, who at one point is said to have provided tips on how to make the performance more shocking, is now blaming the university for neglect.- Huffington Post

Short video from Columbian TV about the incident after the jump.



Evil_Klown said...

It's fitting & proper that stupid people are the only ones surprised when someone dies as a result of stupidity. As soon as they start to blame someone/something else I invariably think "dumbass lib" ... because they NEVER take responsibility for their own behavior ... it's classic lib-logic.

Since they've been given second chance after second chance all their lives, they're very surprised to find their luck has run out. Therefore, anytime I see a lib tempting fate, I root for fate.

Evil_Klown said...

BTW ... "after the jump?"

ragweed said...

I guess he failed to read the warning on the garbage bag box, and we thought it was stupid putting the warnings on containers.

nitwit/scot said...

Years ago while in college at USC, we were driving through some neighborhood in East LA going to the Forum to see The Moody Blues with some warm-up act by an unknown guy named Stevie Ray Vaughn. On the way there, we passed this home and frolicking on the front yard was some little kid in a plastic dry cleaning bag having the time of his life. We just laughed at the classic absurdity of it and kept driving. Assholes, us. Don't know why I remember that, but the vision is still in my head.

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