Monday, November 8, 2010

Everybody wins. Nobody loses.

Along the same lines as the post below ("The decline and fall of Western Civilization"), this commercial teaches the same lesson. Now, I know this is "just" a commercial and for that reason, academics will tell you "it doesn't matter", "don't pay any attention to it", or "why are even commenting on a commercial in the first place?". Of course, I know better. I know that there is truth to every jest. I know that when "it's not about the money" it's about the money. I know that when you say, "I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, but..." you're trying to hurt my feelings.

In other words, nice try, Lucy, but I'm not kicking the ball.

I know that the cognoscenti who regularly read this blog will think I'm stating the obvious here but this commercial caused me to ask one big question: "Who is going to feed all those animals?"

I suppose the Libs will suggest a government social program to feed them. I'm also sure that it will cost a fortune and ultimately fail leaving everyone and everything involved much worse off than they were beforehand. Of course when it does inevitably fail, the Libs will shrug their shoulders and shed a tear because "we did the best we could but because of the bad Republicans and Corporations, we never really stood a chance."

Life would be easier for us all if Libs believed in God. If they did, they'd stop trying to fix everything that already works. For all their years of studying nature, they haven't learned a damned thing. Animals eat other animals. The benefits of this plan are numerous and vast. This whole Disneyfied idea of animals all getting along does not work. Of course, any sentient individual recognizes this as a thinly veiled argument for cultural and racial diversity. In the real world, diversity doesn't actually work.

In the real world, resources are limited. When resources are limited, different species compete. Where there is competition- real competition- there are winners and losers. The only people who can convince themselves that there is no such thing as winning and losing are Libs. If we start believing what they're promoting, we'll be in just as much trouble as they are.


Evil_Klown said...

Very well said. Unfortunately, libs will always fail to see the obvious. Even if you show it to them, they'll deny the obvious. That's the very nature ... the essential characteristic, of a lib.

Every now and then one of them is killed by a "pet" animal and every time it happens, they're flummoxed.

scot said...

I loved the ending to that "Bear Man" documentary. Also, the most accurate animal science around could once be found in "The Far Side" cartoons, i.e.: dogs bite, cats don't care and bears eat people.

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