Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Taste of the "Town"

As promised, we're switching from burgers to pizza for awhile.
Our first stop:


I swear that when this place opened it was called “Geno’s”. No big deal – must be different owners.

Small pizza shop in a strip mall. Pretty clean – and not very busy at 2PM.

Adequate. Basically it’s one of those places you help yourself – ordering, drink machine, condiments, etc. Very friendly though.

The pizza arrived (it was huge), with a very New York-like sheen – a bit of a greasy coating. Let it sit a bit and it tightened up. It was well cooked, and served very hot. Very thin crust (which was excellent), light on the sauce, and sadly, very light on the cheese. It was “pretty good”, but needed suitable applications of red pepper flakes and parmesan to make it good. B-.

I will give this place an “I’ll probably go back”. No beer or wine available.

We ordered a large with pepperoni and mushrooms. We received a large without any mushrooms – and we were never sure if we paid for the ‘shrooms or not. The entire staff speaks very little English – but they’re not Italian, they’re Hispanic.


Anonymous said...

This is the second owner. The first owner was more generous with cheese and toppings but the crust (which was usually very good to excellent) was very inconsistent (especially during busy season.)
When the new Geno took over (he's Greek and has a partner who has no people or cooking skills) the prices went up and the food portion decreased (keeping the large crust and cutting back everywhere else.)

Evil_Klown said...

I'm probably not going back here but I'm not going to avoid it at all costs or anything.

I do love the LARGE pizza sizes and thought it was a fair value ... and I also like how they bring it screaming hot - straight from the oven to your table.

Didn't like the mix 'n match tables/chairs ... didn't like the fact they forgot our mushrooms (although I don't feel like it was a huge loss.)

Evil_Klown said...

I'm rethinking. The prices were more than fair ... perhaps the answer is just paying "extra cheese." Hmmmm. I'm going to have to give it another try.

WOMBAT said...

I and the world thank you profusely for these reviews. To me and the world, they are truly priceless.

A is A said...

I can't believe it took a whole month for Wombat to complain about the limited geographic appeal of my once-a-week posts. Betcha he can't wait to come visit us! I personally will buy his lunch and a Perrier.

WOMBAT said...

You know damn well that I don't drink Perrier.

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