Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mark Levin Interviews Shitstain Lawyer

This was posted on Wombat sent me an email with the link but I decided to copy/post the whole thing right here (except the audio.)

OMG! This is almost a collision of epic proportions! You almost have to hear it to believe it. Levin was asking Gloria Allred (the lawyer for the illegal immigrant Meg Whitman hired) the most basic of questions and she got defensive from the outset. She wanted to talk about Meg Whitman and Levin told her he would do that after he asked a few questions. She persisted though and as a result Levin had to be very aggressive to get answers to his questions and he even had to lower her several times as Allred just droned on and on. To be honest, I’m not sure if I remember a coherent argument she made other than her blabbing on and on about how she respects maids and so forth.

I’ll note that there was a small segment in the middle that I missed due to Mark Levin’s online audio player not coming back from break until he was leaving the segment. But from the 3rd segment, I gather it doesn’t matter that much. I think I have all the red meat right here.

This runs for 17 minutes but I assure you its worth the listen. Enjoy!

I’m being told now that the middle segment wasn’t anything more than a segue, so we’re all good. Enjoy!

Click here for the audio.

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