Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Taste of the "Town"

Several weeks ago, the Klown approached me with a "Quest": to seek out the best of certain types of restaurant/bar food in our area; specifically cheeseburgers and pizza. I readily agreed, it sounded like fun. Go out to lunch once a week and muse on our findings. Here is a quick synopsis on our first foray into cheeseburger heaven (and often more like purgatory). I'm sure the format will change a bit over time, as I may add some bells, whistles, and links. Apologies (or perhaps congratulations) to those of you who are outside our dining zone.


It has the feeling of a beach house, even though it’s not right on the beach. Big place with several different dining areas. We sat in the bar area at a tall table.

Absolutely awful. We had two different male servers, neither knew what the other was doing. See “WTF?” below.

I had a fish taco – it really was pretty decent for fried “somekindafish”. Fries are too big for my liking.

EK said it was “OK” – it looked overcooked and small to me. EK likes those big steak fries. Of course, with all the ketchup and mustard he pours on, how could you tell?

I won’t go back. Kind of expensive ($3 bottled beer, unless you can stomach PBR). I never felt welcome. C-

Our dining companion (yes – she was cute), went to the bar to ask for a glass of water (literally 10 feet from our table). Five minutes later, I went to the “bartender” to check on the water status – I was told “I turned that over to your server – he didn’t bring it yet?” It showed up several minutes later. Weak.


WOMBAT said...

Cheeseburger, steak fries, ketchup and mustard and no weight loss? What a mystery.

Anonymous said...

Hey T,
Recently stopped at a Red Robin in MB and had the "Pub Burger?" I think it was called. Make sure this is one of your stops. Although you won't find it in the area, Jack n a Box has an Angus burger that is my personal favorite. Good luck on your cholesterol quest.
--The Dealer

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