Friday, September 17, 2010

Ok, these are good action


Lately there's been some discussion and prattle about M&M's creepy commercial about their pretzel M&M's.  It occurred to me they might be good but not good enough to actually plunk down some money to try them.

I saw some reviews and people kept saying they liked Flipz chocolate covered pretzels.  Still ... not that interested.

So this morning I was in a CVS Drug Store buying some occasion cards and these happened to catch my eye ... hmmmm, quothe I .... peanut butter chocolate pretzels.  I couldna resist trying them.

VERDICT:  Highly recommended (with caveat) - DO NOT let them melt.   I knew from reading the previous reviews that this is a potential problem with these snacks. I took mine straight home and put them in the fridge.


WOMBAT said...

You love them and yet you can't lose those few extra pounds? Un petit mystery, n'est-ce pas?

Evil_Klown said...

Actually, I should start putting disclaimers in certain posts ... "Fatties, do not read." That would save you the trouble of worrying about me.

Anonymous said...

I'm just saying... Fatties are a lot like libs what with the choosing to live in a constant state of mystification and all.

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