Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Koran burning - Hullabaloo, Brouhaha, or Donnybrook?

Well, I've been hearing stories lately ... of some preacher who's planning to burn some Korans. Apparently this is going to radicalize some Muslims and make them hate us. Shucks, just when everyone loved us too. This preacher has really thrown a turd in the punch bowl, eh?

If only it weren't for this preacher and his Koran-burning ways everything would be fine with the Muslim world.

I also love how our president (and other bozo politicians) BEGS the guy not to burn the Korans. I love how General Petraeus acts like he's afraid for our troops ... as if, ALL OF A SUDDEN,  OUT OF THE BLUE, the people they're at war with are going to try to kill them.  I mean, if we had known that, we'd have brought weapons with us.  LMAO @ "Shitcan the free speech 'reverend', it might get some people killed." 

Yes, everyone knows that the US President/government/military can and SHOULD be able to control the speech of the citizens, so, if it doesn't then it's ok for Muslims to take it out on the troops and/or other US citizens.

Let me ask this .... does the president ever condemn Muslims for burning the bible or burning the American flag? Do ANY politicians complain when Muslims are using RPG's to blow through the doors of a church and then burn all the bibles and break all the crosses?

There's a problem here folks and Koran-burning isn't it.  We need to do like the President says and just shut up.  Some people are trying to say that Muslims are threatening you. Don't worry, those Muslims aren't serious ... it's just a joke.

Just remember this.  If you EVER have anything to negative say about Muslims, you are "provoking" them and you deserve what you get. Don't claim you weren't warned.


WOMBAT said...

"Systemized provocation of muslims"? Please. It's "systematic" you stupid fuck.

Secondly, it's very telling when they say "provocation" when every other minority in the world has to confess to "oppression". Ever wonder why that is?

Ever know anyone who iterates, "I won't start a fight but I'll finish it." Ever notice that they're perpetually fighting. Ever notice how it's never their fault? Ever notice how they're well known to the local police? It's as if there's a pattern there... well hidden... in there somewhere.

jules said...

He has just as much right to burn a koran as the Imam has to build a Mosque at ground zero, the issue is should they do it. The answer is no. Burning of a muslim holy book would only bring him and who ever else is involved, and in the eyes of the Muslims that would be all Americans, down to the same level as the Terrorists.

Evil_Klown said...

" ... down to the same level as the terrorist." Are you saying that book burning is no worse than hurting/killing as many people as you can?

I'm going to have to argue those are different levels. One is free speech and the other is murder. I know what you mean though ... he's just being an idiot.

WOMBAT said...

Burning books is free speech? Really? All other arguments aside, the bottom line is that his actions are intended to be nothing but inflammatory.

Evil_Klown said...

He's trying to be inflammatory? Really? On purpose?

Tell me, would there ever be a need to invoke your right to freedom of speech/expression if you weren't being (at least slightly) inflammatory.

WOMBAT said...

You're probably thinking of "freedom of expression". I can see how this would be confusing for you.

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