Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another Palin-bashing article surfaces.

From Newsbusters (it's well worth the read but I've only included a small bit of the article on this blog for the sake of simplicity).
Another day, another media hit piece aimed at Sarah Palin. Surprise, surprise.

A 10,600-word article in the October issue of Vanity Fair reads like the rambling diaries of a spurned middle school student. Writer Michael Joseph Gross ran through a list of ill-sourced, hearsay attacks on Palin designed to depict her as a raging psychopath - a far cry from the down-to-earth "hockey mom" she portrays in public.

But in more than 10,600 words, Gross managed to cite just one person to criticize Palin on the record. Colleen Cottle, who served on the Wasilla City Council when Palin was mayor, complained that she "had no attention span" and "does not understand math or accounting." Heavy-hitting stuff, that.
The article continues for several more paragraphs and while I was reading it, I had to ask myself the question, "Why does the left hate Sarah Palin? " At first, I thought it was along the same vein as the Right verbosely despising President Obama but I quickly realized that they're able to specifically and definitively list the reasons they hate him and these reasons are based in fact. The same is not true of the Left's hatred for Mrs. Palin.

Pictured at left is a classic example of those who love to hate her. I'm not going to speculate on the sexual orientation of the gentleman pictured to the left. I will say though that his choice of attire doesn't do him or people like him any favors when it comes to being readily accepted by the rest of society. We all make choices... it's just that some of us suck at it.

Allow me to list the reasons I think explain the Left's overt hatred.

1. Let's face it- Libs don't care who wins as long as they're on the winning side. They'd rather be able to control the winner but they'll take what they can get. If she runs, she's going to get elected and if she gets elected there won't be any way in hell for Libs to credibly claim that they "secretly" voted for her.

There's a Snapple commercial wherein a doofus makes a slogan proposal in a board room and only after his idea is accepted by his peers does a woman at the table whisper to the gentleman next to her, "we're dating". This is classic Lib behavior- only claim allegiance if you know they're going to win... or better- if they've already won. If Sarah Palin wins, no self-respecting Lib will be able to claim they were with her all along. Painfully, Libs aren't self-respecting so the rest of us will have to watch the aftermath. Nevertheless, they'll fight the possibility of her getting elected tooth and nail until the inevitable flip-flop.

2. Libs hate powerful, feminine women. Libs think the two are mutually exclusive... unless you're a celebrity. In that case, they love you. The reason for this is that if you're a celebrity, you really can't be taken at all seriously and in the event that you say something with which the Left disagrees, they can cut you loose without much ado. Misogyny is pervasive in the Lib collective mind so it's much easier to tolerate a woman like Hillary Clinton than one like Sarah Palin.

3. Libs hate the fact that she's popular among people who aren't beholden to anyone. She has the freedom to do what the people want rather than what a political party wants. Sure she's a Republican but she's acting like an Independent... a very popular, very successful Independent. She may not be particularly eloquent and she may not be particularly sophisticated, but she's certainly honest and she certainly has good judgment and she certainly has disdain for dishonest, sneaky people. Obviously, Libs despise people who have these qualities because they'll not only succeed, but also tend to undo all of the evil work the Libs have done all along.

As I write this, I'm watching a news story on the actual article. Surprisingly, all of it is negative. All of it iterates and reinforces what the article said. The author of the article finished his interview with "I spent 3 weeks in Wasilla... so..." and we all know what it means when someone finishes a statement with "so..."  He might as well have said, "I didn't really say anything as definitive or convincing as I thought it would sound before I said it so you're on your own to complete my thoughts".

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Evil_Klown said...

Aye, the lefties know Sarah will win if she runs. If they REALLY thought she was stupid they wouldn't be wasting their time telling America to hate her.

I've even seen some "conservatives" pretend they didn't like her so they wouldn't have to suffer the wrath of the media pundits ... pathetic ... but this is why Republicans need to throw these worthless asshats out of the party ... and also why I'll be voting for the tea party candidate if I have a choice.

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