Sunday, August 1, 2010

Climate Change Art Contest: Submit Your Creative Vision To Help Fight Global Warming

Yes. That's a real headline. It's from Huffington Post believe it or not. Who would have ever thought that a fine and respectable publication such as they would ever stoop to promoting man-made global warming. Okay, sarcasm doesn't translate very well via text but hopefully you get my point.

Seriously though, the worst part is that the actual contest is hosted by deviantart. If you're not familiar with that site, it's actually a good source of seeing new, good artwork from little-known or unknown artists. The fact that they're hosting a "fight global warming" contest only shows that nobody is perfect.

Here's what I love about this though. By creating this contest (and promoting it), they're making people feel empowered. The truth about global warming (or climate change) is that it's caused by sunspots. Unfortunately, this is something beyond our control so it's being ignored by the vocal minority as a possibility.

There is no money to be made by protesting sun spots. There is no money to be made by taxing the sun. There are no corporations or successful businessmen to revile. In other words, "what's the fun in that?". The only way that Liberals know how to effect social change is to make someone pay. It's not about actually making a difference or actually solving a problem, it's about "give until it hurts". They generate billions of dollars that go to waste because they've discovered that people love to spend money to make themselves feel better about themselves.

The truth is that none of us live saintly or perfect lives. Some of us do something about it and actually change and improve our behavior when we find flaws within ourselves. These select few are known as "conservatives", "Republicans", "Independents", or "Tea Partiers" aka "not Liberals" or "not Democrats". The collective term for the people who think is "Cogs"- short for "il cognoscenti" or "those who know". Cogs are contrasted by non-Cogs- or those who don't know.

We all know non-Cogs in our everyday lives. They're typically unaware, unknowing, and painfully vocal about their opinions. It's because of their noisiness and their overwhelmingly strong herding instinct that they have any influence at all. Unfortunately for the rest of us, they're the reason that people believe that humans have any control over climate change at all. Power and control are the Holy Grail of Liberals. They have convinced themselves that through power and control they'll achieve immortality. The big joke is that power and control are just an illusion. They are bait placed by God for the sole purpose of entertainment.

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Evil_Klown said...

I had to skip this post because it didn't have any pic with it. I'm a non-cog. For a post this long we need a pic ... maybe two.

Also, I'll answer the question in your mind right now ... "it's just a coincidence."

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